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Jennifer Fee is Director of Vision Quest Psychological Services. She is a psychologist licensed to practice in the State of California. She wrote for HealthCentral as a health professional for Anxiety Disorders.

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Clear Your Mind from Anxious Thoughts

How do you feel when watching a sad movie? Do you laugh when you hear a good joke? Are you angry when you hear about an injustice? Our emotions are ever changing, depending on what’s going on around us and how we react to it. So where does anxiety co...

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Healthy Relationships Part I:: Four General Principles to Live By

What makes for a healthy relationship? Have you ever thought about it? Perhaps you’ve heard some general answers such as, “Good Communication,” or “Maturity,” or “Trust.” They’re great words, but what do they actually look like day-to-day in a relati...

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The Power of the Mind Over Anxiety

Thoughts are a powerful trigger for anxiety. Our cognitions can maintain, elevate, or lower our level of anxiety. Today I would like to give you a few tips to help you identify thoughts that might be contributing to your anxiety, as well as show you ...

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Underappreciated External Triggers: Fluorescent Lights and Things Experienced by the Senses

This is the Part V of V Share Posts pertaining to categories of “triggers” that can “get the ball rolling” or accelerate your anxiety. If you’re reading this post first, you may want to go back and read Understanding the Vicious Cycle of Panic," ...

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5 Strategies to Help You Sail Through Your Pap Smear

A number of years ago while working at a large counseling center I was speaking to a colleague about my concerns for a client who refused to go get a pap smear. “I’ve never gotten one either,” my colleague confessed. "Why not?" I asked, rea...

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Two Critical External Triggers of Anxiety: Overstimulation and Understimulation (Triggers Part IV)

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll recall that external triggers are things that occur outside of ourselves that are usually (but not always) intimately linked with an internal trigger, such as a thought, feeling, memory, image, or body sensat...

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Body Sensations as a Trigger For Anxiety (Triggers Part III)

This is Part III of a series of SharePosts that identify what kinds of things you can look for that might be triggering your anxiety. In Part I (Out of the Blue to Blues Clues: Finding Your Anxiety Triggers Part I) of this series I explained how thou...

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Out of the Blue to Blue's Clues: Finding Clues for Your Anxiety Triggers (Part II)

Last week in Part I of this series on Anxiety Triggers, I asserted that you have to actively look for the thing(s) that might be triggering your anxiety. I’ll remind you again that some triggers are extremely subtle. Also, triggers are often connecte...

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Out of the Blue to Blue's Clues: Finding Clues for Your Anxiety Triggers (Part I)

I’ll never forget the time my client Jackie* came into session very excited. “I was in the car, and I started to get anxious” she exclaimed with a big smile on her face. “You seem happy about that,” I said, wondering why she was so positive about get...

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Understanding the Vicious Cycle of Panic

About a month or so ago, Dr. Kleiner wrote an excellent SharePost entitled, “Understanding Panic Attacks.” If you haven’t read it, you might want to do so before continuing on with this SharePost. Kr. Kleiner mentioned that we now understand that phy...