Jennifer L. Fee, Psy.D., Health Professional

Jennifer Fee is Director of Vision Quest Psychological Services. She is a psychologist licensed to practice in the State of California. She wrote for HealthCentral as a health professional for Anxiety Disorders.

Clear Your Mind from Anxious Thoughts

How do you feel when watching a sad movie? Do you laugh when you hear a good joke? Are you angry when you hear about an injustice? Our emotions are ever changing, depending on what’s going on around us and how we react to it. So where does anxiety co...
Jennifer L. Fee, Psy.D.

Healthy Relationships Part I:: Four General Principles to Live By

What makes for a healthy relationship? Have you ever thought about it? Perhaps you’ve heard some general answers such as, “Good Communication,” or “Maturity,” or “Trust.” They’re great words, but what do they actually look like day-to-day in a relati...
Jennifer L. Fee, Psy.D.

Ground Yourself!

Since anxiety in a nutshell is about anticipating the future (even if that future is only 30 seconds away), one of the best antidotes is to stay in the present, or the “here and now.” One extremely effective way of bringing yourself into the present ...
Jennifer L. Fee, Psy.D.

5 Strategies to Help You Sail Through Your Pap Smear

A number of years ago while working at a large counseling center I was speaking to a colleague about my concerns for a client who refused to go get a pap smear. “I’ve never gotten one either,” my colleague confessed. "Why not?" I asked, rea...
Jennifer L. Fee, Psy.D.