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Jennifer Sobol is a partner in the Michigan Institute of Urology. She wrote for HealthCentral as a health professional for Incontinence.

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Answering Incontinence Community Questions - After a TVT Operation; Mesh Erosion

TVT Operation - Reader’s Question: What can I expect after a TVT operation, in terms of pain, suture removal, voiding and sexual activity? Read the original post on TVT operation. TVT is short for Transvaginal tape and is a brand name for a type of s...

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Can I Get a New Bladder?

I am routinely asked about the possibility of transplanting a new bladder. It is an interesting thought isn’t it. I mean, if you have a liver or kidneys that do not work right, then you are put on a list and hopefully will eventually receive one of t...

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Don't Ignore Incontinence

Incontinence isn't just a normal part of getting older. It could be a sign of something else, like bladder cancer or a urinary tract infection.

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Dating and Intimacy Concerns When You Have Urinary Incontinence

Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, I thought I would address an issue a very dear patient of mine recently raised; how do you date and meet someone new when you have incontinence? She is recently single and ready to hit the dating scene after a ...

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I Had Surgery for Stress Incontinence and Now I Have Urge Incontinence! What Happened?

There are multiple types of incontinence, and I have discussed them on my SharePost blog previously. What happens when you have been diagnosed with stress incontinence and have undergone surgery and you are still wet? Stress incontinence is tradition...

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C-Section or Not? Choosing a Caesarean Section Delivery to Avoid Incontinence

Historically, a Caesarean Section or C-section for short had been performed in emergencies if a mother or baby had trouble during delivery. This procedure goes back to biblical times. In the last century, the incidence of the surgery increased profou...

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When Someone You Love Has Incontinence

Up until now, when discussing the social aspects of incontinence, I have addressed how to talk about your incontinence with your family and friends. But what do you do when a loved one has incontinence? I hate to be crass, but we all know people who ...

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Vaginal Slings: When Surgery for Incontinence Goes Wrong

Being that I am a urologic surgeon, I routinely perform surgery on patients for incontinence. Unfortunately, no surgery is without its risks and complications. Before surgery, I always review risks and potential complications with patients, but when ...

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Incontinence vs. Interstitial Cystitis: Which One Is It?

Let me start off by saying that incontinence is a completely different medical problem from Interstitial Cystitis (IC for short). I have often been asked to talk about IC during an incontinence lecture. There are many overlapping symptoms, and many p...

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"I Have a Broken Bladder": How to Start a Conversation about Incontinence

A few days ago I had a great conversation with a patient who I was seeing for a routine visit, who I will call Sarah for the purposes of this SharePost. She has urinary urgency with retention and incontinence. Sarah is on multiple medications which h...