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Jennifer Sobol, DO

Medical Reviewer

Urologist with the Michigan Institute of Urology, West Bloomfield, Michigan. Medical reviewer for the VeriMed Healthcare Network.

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Link Between ED and Heart Problems

Research indicates a link exists between erectile dysfunction (ED) and cardiovascular disease. Here are the main considerations when dealing with both conditions simulataneously.

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How to Support Your Guy With Low Testosterone

While low testosterone can be difficult for both the person involved and their partner, here are ways to understand the condition better.

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Alternative Treatment

Ways to Naturally Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some of the best natural approaches to treating erectile dysfunction, also called impotence.

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7 Benefits of Sex for Men

Here are some real health benefits of sex for men that may surprise you.

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Risk Factors

8 Surprising Facts About Condoms

Condoms have been one of the first and lasting forms of contraception in human history. Check out these 8 interesting facts on condoms and their use today.

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Fruit May Lower Erectile Dysfunction Risk

Find out about how consuming fresh fruit can help lower ED risks.

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Living With

How to Talk to Your Partner About ED

If your partner has erectile dysfunction, he might have trouble talking about it. Try some of these tips to helps you communicate with your partner about impotence.

Doctor discusses ED with his patient.
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How to Discuss ED with Your Doctor

Talking about erectile dysfunction can be awkward. Here’s how to discuss ED with your doctor—and what to expect when you do.