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Doctor examining young man with acid reflux.

How to Avoid an Esophageal Ulcer

Untreated acid reflux can have serious consequences. Here’s one to watch out for.

Sick teenage girl in school library.
Back to School

Heading to School with Celiac

Enlisting the help of the school nurse can make for a more organized and stress free time when navigating lunch options.

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Support Systems

How not to fall prey to online scams to “cure” IBD

Online claims too good to be true? They probably are especially when researching alternative treatment for IBD. Here’s how to spot the fakes.

College student making an appointment at a medical clinic.
Living With

8 Smart Ways to Manage Asthma in College

Managing a chronic illness like asthma can be a challenge when your child goes away to college.

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Do You Know What’s Triggering Your Asthma Attack?

Many things that can set off an asthma attack. Here’s how to figure out what’s causing the problem and how to get the right treatment.

Main entrance to a hospital.

When to Head to the Hospital With a Migraine Attack

If something feels unusual about a Migraine attack, it could warrant a trip to the ER. Here are some of the signs to look out for.

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Risk Factors

Atypical Acid Reflux Signs

Most people are aware of the common heartburn acid reflux symptoms, but there are a host of symptoms that many people may not recognize and shouldn’t ignore.

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Doctor & Patient

IBD: Keeping Up With Doctor Appointments — Even When You Are Well

Even when your inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is in remission and you are feeling OK, it is still important to keep appointments with your specialist.

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Risk Factors

Celiac and Non-Food Triggers

Celiac disease (CD) is a condition in which the immune system reacts to the ingestion of the protein gluten.

Baby with acid reflux with sleep deprived parents.

Infant AR: Night-Time Acid Issues

These expert tips can help parents who are caring for a new infant with reflux, especially at night.