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Grade school student using inhaler on soccer field.
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Asthma Rescue Inhalers: Your 4-Step School Plan

If your child has asthma, provide the school and your child with what they need to know about the all-important rescue inhaler.

Woman using a laptop
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4 Ways Digital Devices Can Trigger Migraines

Eliminating screens from your life is just about impossible these days — but there are ways to keep them from causing Migraine attacks.

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Natalie Hayden of Lights Camera Crohn's

In this interview with anchor Natalie Hayden, we hear a personal journey of life, support, pregnancy and careers with IBD.

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6 Tips for Exercising With Migraine

Take some simple precautions when exercising with Migraine to prevent triggering an attack.

Group Of Female High School Students Talking By Lockers
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4 Ways to Help Your Child Deal With Asthma Embarrassment

For preteens and teens having asthma and using an inhaler can be downright embarrassing. Here are four ways to help your child cope.

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Migraine Medications for Children

If your child or teen gets migraines, these medications may help.

boy using a spirometer as part of a pulmonary function test

Why Your Child May Need Pulmonary Function Tests

Pulmonary function tests are key to diagnosing and managing lung conditions like asthma in children. Here are a few reasons why your child might need them.

Man with a pill in his hand

Limiting Oral Corticosteroid Use

While these medications work well in inflammation, they also have a whole host of side effects.

Boy with abdominal pain.

When 'Abdominal Migraine' Looks Like Acid Reflux

Abdominal migraine presents symptoms similar to acid reflux. Learn how to spot the differences between them and choose the right treatment.

Girl getting an eye exam.
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Natural Remedies to Limit Migraine Attacks

These things won’t help you abort a Migraine attack, but they may help to naturally prevent one in the first place.