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Young woman with IBD holding stomach in pain.
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IBD: How to Avoid Being Hospitalized

Limiting the number of hospital stays can drastically improve a patient’s life with IBD.

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IBD Kids: Dealing with Chronic Illness

Is your child struggling with IBD? Use these tips to help your kid deal with chronic illness.

Young boy with a fractured arm wearing a cast.

PPI Medication and Childhood Fractures

Did you know that children prescribed proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have a 22 percent increased risk of fractures?

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Risk Factors

Top 10 Triggers for Asthma in the Summer

Knowing the asthma changes to watch for can prevent a bummer of a summer.

Children selling lemonade at a lemonade stand in the summer

IBD Kids: Surviving the Summer

Camps geared toward kids with medical problems, keeping on schedule with medications over the summer, vacationing tips to make dealing with IBD on vacation easier.

Close up of surgeon operating a patient

Acid Reflux Surgery: Open vs. Laparoscopic

Acid reflux surgeries consist of the traditional, open procedure or laparoscopic. Learn more about the benefits and risks of both types.

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Children May Have More Psychological Symptoms Than Healthy Peers

Find out how the psychological functioning in children with celiac disease (CD) compares to that of children who are genetically at risk.

Injection shot by syringe in abdomen

IBD Relapse After Stopping TNF Therapy

Learn more about anti-tumor necrosis factor (anti-TNF) medications that can help reduce the symptoms of IBD and promote intestinal healing.

Mom checking daughter with fever.

Celiac May Be Triggered by Certain Viral Infections

The exact cause of celiac disease is unknown, but certain viral infections, like Rotavirus and Reovirus, may play a significant role in triggering it.

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Acid Reflux and Allergies: Is There a Connection?

For some patients, allergies can contribute to and even worsen acid reflux symptoms.