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Sex Drive Differs in Men Who Are Depressed

While depression may lead to a decreased sex drive in men or a diminished desire for sexual, the situation isn’t cut and dry and often depends on the severity of depression.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: How to Spot It

People with GAD experience persistent, excessive, and unrealistic worry every day.

Anxiety Therapy: How to Measure Success

If anxiety starts to dominate our lives, we find ourselves constantly on edge, plagued with self-doubt, fearful, and panicky.

Small Steps to Fight Depression

As little as one hour of “deliberate physical activity” each week can help your mood.

Depression: Would You Recognize These Signs?

Extreme sadness is considered typical of depression, but that’s only one side of the coin.

Depression Is Not a 'Normal' Consequence of Aging

Remember: An active mind and body protect against depression.

Pros And Cons Of Mental Health Apps

Are mental health apps really helpful? Or are they just driving us deeper into self-criticism?

Getting Past the Post-Christmas Blues

After the hectic Christmas holiday, we are no longer distracted from our moods, anxieties, or loneliness, which can come flooding back during the lull.

Party Anxiety: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The benefits of exposing yourself gradually to social situations you might ordinarily avoid.

Christmas-Related Phobias

Fears of kissing under the mistletoe, turkeys, relatives or sparking lights exist! Here are some unknown, but very real, Christmas phobias.