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Man discussing depression with his partner on couch at home.

Sex Drive Differs in Men Who Are Depressed

While depression may lead to a decreased sex drive in men or a diminished desire for sexual, the situation isn’t cut and dry and often depends on the severity of depression.

Young woman with anxiety having a cup of coffee.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: How to Spot It

People with GAD experience persistent, excessive, and unrealistic worry every day.

Man receiving cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety.

Anxiety Therapy: How to Measure Success

If anxiety starts to dominate our lives, we find ourselves constantly on edge, plagued with self-doubt, fearful, and panicky.

Woman doing stretches while on a jog and smiling.
Staying Active

Small Steps to Fight Depression

As little as one hour of “deliberate physical activity” each week can help your mood.

Depressed woman in bed surfing social media on phone.

Depression: Would You Recognize These Signs?

Extreme sadness is considered typical of depression, but that’s only one side of the coin.

Happy retired couple jogging in park, depression isn't normal aging.

Depression Is Not a 'Normal' Consequence of Aging

Remember: An active mind and body protect against depression.

Young woman sitting on couch using mental health app on smartphone.

Pros And Cons Of Mental Health Apps

Are mental health apps really helpful? Or are they just driving us deeper into self-criticism?

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Getting Past the Post-Christmas Blues

After the hectic Christmas holiday, we are no longer distracted from our moods, anxieties, or loneliness, which can come flooding back during the lull.

Woman hiding from holiday parties.
Social Life

Party Anxiety: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The benefits of exposing yourself gradually to social situations you might ordinarily avoid.

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Social Life

Christmas-Related Phobias

Fears of kissing under the mistletoe, turkeys, relatives or sparking lights exist! Here are some unknown, but very real, Christmas phobias.