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Hyper child at christmas.

Getting Through Christmas With Anxious Children

The holiday season can be a rough time for anxious kids. Here are some tips to help parents cope.

Depressed woman at christmas time.

Keeping Christmas Depression in Perspective

Want to avoid the Christmas blues? Handle the season in a way that suits you, not everyone else.

Man playing with young son at kitchen counter at home.

Stay Mentally Healthy While Living With Crohn’s

HealthCentral’s “IBD Social Ambassador” talks about facing the challenges of living with Crohn’s.

Child hugging mothers leg

Helping Children Understand Your Anxiety

For a child, witnessing an adult’s panic attack can be unsettling or even scary if they don’t know what’s going on.

Spending Christmas alone can be an indulgence day

Using Christmas for Some Needed Time to Yourself

Spending Christmas alone can be uplifting, as well as a time for personal indulgence or betterment.

Social circle of support
Support Systems

Gathering Friends and Relatives for Depression Support

Looking no further than our friend circles can show us where to start for depression support or if it’s time to find a support group or therapist instead.

Young man using smartphone app.

Mood Tracking by Smartphone

Results of a small study using smartphones to detect depressive and manic episodes look promising.

Anxious young woman talking to father.
Healthy Conversations

How to Tell Parents You’re Anxious

How to find the right words, timing, and confidence to speak up to your parents or someone you trust about anxious feelings.

Social media notifications.

Potential Negative Effects of Social Media

There can be a dark side to the anonymity and accessibility that the internet provides.

Stressed man using a cell phone in bed.

Is Technology Reducing or Causing More Stress?

Technology can make daily tasks easier, improve safety and increase connectivity. But technology comes with its own challenges and headaches.