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Depressed man without family support

Depression: When Family Lets You Down

How a family is organized can help explain why depression affects some people disproportionately.

Woman consoling another with anxiety.
Risk Factors

How Families Can Make Anxiety Worse

Setting limits isn’t always easy within a family structure. Sometimes people have different ideas about what is or isn’t acceptable. This is where therapy can help

Work stress

Using Technology to Combat Workplace Stress

A deep dive into the ways that tech might help reduce some of workplace stress’ worst effects.

Teen girls on cell phones at cafe.

Are You Cell Phone Dependent?

When cell phones start to dominate our waking hours it’s time to sit up and take notice.

Depressed man
Healthy Conversations

Men Don’t Get Depressed: A Dangerous Assumption

There is no such thing as “women’s depression”: there is just depression. Not the same with men.

Doctors get depression
Healthy Conversations

Not Talking About Depression Doesn't Help

Just because we don’t like talking about depression doesn’t mean we should shut up about it.

Woman feeling anxious.

The Unspoken Dangers of Anxiety Messages

Messages such as “suck it up!” from family or other loved ones can help in building emotional blocks later in life.

Patient talks while phycotherapist takes notes

Unspoken Rules in Psychotherapy

The best way to approach assumed rules with a therapist is to bring them out into the open.

Upset man talking to psychiatrist.
Newly Diagnosed

Bipolar Diagnosis and Denial

Surprising news about health can be a lot to handle for some. In such cases, isolation and denial take over.

Old lock surrounded by possible keys
Support Systems

Why It's So Hard to Share Anxious Emotions (and What to Do)

As a loved one or friend, it can be hard to get through to a person with guarded emotions. These tips make it easier to open communication.