Latest by Jerry Kennard, Ph.D., CPsychol., AFBPsS

Using the Power of Choice to Change Your Mood

By exercising the choices available to us we can lift or change our mood completely.

Travel as Depression Therapy

Mild depression may lift as a result of getting away from it all but travel itself will not cure depression.

Coping with Travel Anxiety

Whether you’re traveling to a faraway place or coping with your daily commute, here are some tips for letting go of your fears.

'Gap Year' Depression?

Often missing from discussions about pros and cons of a gap year is its potential emotional effect.

Globe-Trotting with Bipolar Disorder

How to reduce relapse risk by properly planning for faraway travel.

How to Think and Behave with Self-Compassion

Some easy ways to think about self-compassion and how to turn these into greater care and respect for yourself.

How to Plan for Panic on Your Travels

When airplanes make you anxious, extra planning can make a positive difference.

Bipolar: How to Restore Activity Levels

For people who are sensitive to changes in routine, restoring activity levels to normal is key.

Overcoming Agoraphobia

Overcoming feared situations requires a systematic series of activities, time and patience.

Activities to Ease Depression

Seemingly “small” activities can help restore confidence and enthusiasm when living with depression.