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Cultivating Self-Compassion

Identifying the signs of self-criticism is a good first step in treating ourselves with kindness.

Why Perfectionism Is a Risk for Mental Health

High standards? Great. But perfectionism is a risk factor for anxiety disorders and depression.

Is Running or Resting Best for Anxiety?

Both exercise and relaxation can help ease anxiety. So which one should you choose?

How Do Depression Support Groups Work?

Things to know before signing up to a depression support group.

How Your 'Explanatory Style' Affects Your Mood

We all have fixed ways of explaining bad events to ourselves. Some are more beneficial than others.

Trigger Management for Moods

Learn more about how to understand triggers, in yourself and in others, to develop a plan for managing your moods from day to day.

How Does Anxiety Drive OCD?

Learn why even after an anxiety event passes, OCD related anxiety and symptoms can often increase.

Transition Anxiety

The uncertainty of change often generates anxiety, especially in those who are highly sensitive. With a little thought and preparation we can overcome the barriers and succeed.

The Effects of Time Transitions on Depression

Shifting time zones or going from daylight saving to standard time can increase depression risk.

Am I a Hypochondriac?

What are the causes, types and symptoms of hypochondriasis? And what can be done to help?