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7 COPD Resolutions You Should Keep

A New Year’s Resolution can be a powerful aide to helping you live well with COPD. Here are some we think would be perfect for you to choose from. 1. Learn about your disease. Both COPD and Asthma are complex diseases that researchers are learning mo...

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9 Ways Exercise Improves Asthma Control

Exercise can help give your mind, body, and energy levels a healthy boost.

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Evolution of Asthma: More Than Just a Lung Disease

Most people still think of asthma as just a lung disease. This makes sense considering the telltale sign of asthma is difficulty breathing. A rising slew of evidence, however, now has researchers believing asthma is more than just a lung disease, tha...

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Best Respiratory Health Tips of 2015

Take smart steps to improving your respiratory health in the new year!

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8 Christmas COPD Triggers

In order to get the most out of the Christmas season, those of us with lung disorders have to be wary of Christmas asthma triggers. Here are those seven triggers along with some tips to help you get around them. 1. Real Christmas Trees. Christmas tre...

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Our Asthma Christmas Wish List

I recently participated in a brainstorming session with a group of respiratory therapists.Our goal was to create a list of medicines asthmatics would like to find under the Christmas tree. That in mind, here’s our list of fake, or yet to be developed...

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6 Things to Keep Handy with COPD

November is COPD Awareness Month, and we’ve got the top 6 items to keep handy for better living with COPD.

Doctor examining a chest x-ray.

What is Severe Asthma?

Learn how severe asthma that is resistant to traditional treatments is diagnosed and treated with newer approaches.

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MacGyver-like Doctor Saves Asthmatic Child

Set the scene: an asthmatic toddler is having an asthma attack aboard a transatlantic flight from Spain to the U.S. The parents realize they had accidentally packed his asthma supplies in their checked luggage. What are they to do? Thankfully a MacGy...

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9 Ways to Live Longer with Severe COPD

Use these tips to live longer and help boost your quality of life with Stage IV COPD.