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John Edward Swartzberg, M.D., F.A.C.P., is clinical professor emeritus of medicine at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health and at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine. An internist with 26 years of clinical experience, he is a specialist in infectious disease. Dr. Swartzberg has been chair of the editorial board of the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter since 2001, and writes regular columns for He was the coauthor of the Complete Home Wellness Handbook (2001).

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A Faster Way to Spot a Stroke

A Faster Way to Spot a Stroke

Fast action is essential when it comes to treating an ischemic stroke. Here are six signs that can help identify victims.

waiting in ER
Risk Factors

Hospital Waits Are Risky for Stroke Patients

Every minute counts during a stroke, but disabling or deadly delays occur frequently after patients reach a hospital’s emergency room for treatment.

Woman getting flu shot at pharmacy counter image.
Risk Factors

When Is It Too Early to Get a Flu Shot?

Getting vaccinated for the flu in late summer, particularly for older adults, may mean less protection from the virus as flu season ramps up in the winter.

highlighted stomach

What Causes Gastritis? How to Protect Your Gut

If you have persistent stomach distress, don’t take it lightly: It could be gastritis. Here’s how it’s caused and how to find relief.

Older person depressed staring at floor.

How to Lift Late-Life Depression

Many older adults mistakenly believe their sadness is a normal part of aging. But untreated late-life depression can intensify. Here’s how to find help.

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Why Sitting Too Much Is Not Good for You

The average adult sits for nearly eight hours a day. Here’s why that’s harmful to your health, and what you can do about it.

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4 Simple Ways to Avoid Overuse Injuries

Tendinitis and stress fractures are common among people who do the same exercise repeatedly or often. Here’s how you can help prevent them.

A man with low back pain from sciatica.

5 Ways to Take the Sting Out of Sciatica

Few medical treatments have proven effective against the searing pain of sciatica. But these 5 home remedies may help ease your pain.

patients in doctor's waiting room

What the Latest Senate Health Bill Means If You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

The Senate health bill could make health care unaffordable for Americans with pre-existing conditions who must buy insurance on their own. Here’s what to know.

taking pills from electronic medicine dispenser

Electronic Medicine Dispensers: What to Consider First

New electronic medicine dispensers on the market claim they can help manage caregiving tasks. But much of that depends on how easy they are to set up and use.