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7 Wise Sayings to Help Manage Bipolar Disorder

Recovery is a non-starter without self-knowledge. This involves a lot of ruthless introspection, of having the courage to gaze unflinchingly at the darkest parts of ourself, as well as embracing the light. It’s about owning up to our illness, and – o...

You and Your Moods: A New Book and a Novel Look at Bipolar, One Month Away From Publication

Last week, I finished my draft to a book I am writing on bipolar. The book is to be part of a six-book series that I intend to self-publish and update regularly. The series will be called _The Bipolar Expert Serie_s. By bipolar expert, I am talking a...

The Wellness Approach to Psychiatry

Medical care is moving towards the idea of thriving instead of just surviving. Here’s how ‘wellness’ is changing psychiatry.

What Can Be Learned from Patients

Few psychiatrists feel they have a lot to learn from their patients. But that’s an approach that has a lot of potential in improving mental health treatment.

J&J and VW: Tale of Two Corporate Scandals

The last couple of weeks have seen the breaking of two major corporate scandals. The first involved the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson aggressively marketing its antipsychotic medication Risperdal to the elderly and the very young, despit...

Psychedelics as Therapy: We're Not There Yet, But the Possibilities Are Fascinating

The last thing I expected to encounter at a mainstream psychiatric convention was a session on psychedelics as a possibility for treating psychiatric conditions. But not only did I encounter the session - the session was well-attended. The occasion w...

How to Disclose Mental Illness

Kay Jamison was brought up to never share her problems. But when she decided to talk about her mental health issues, it changed her life.

"With Mixed Features" - When Your Depression is More Than Just Depression

In a long-overdue development, the DSM-5 of 2013 widened “mixed states” to include depressive episodes with some manic or hypomanic features. Last weekend, at the Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress in San Diego, an all-star panel comprising Gary ...

The "Newish" Antidepressants

Two new antidepressants, Viibryd and Brintellix, have been on the market for a few years now. Here’s what to know about them.

6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Depression

Depression is the source of a host of misunderstandings. Following are some you may not have considered.