John McManamy, Patient Expert

John is an author and advocate for Mental Health. He wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Depression and Bipolar Disorder.

Is It Bipolar? Test Yourself - Second Edition

How good are you at spotting bipolar behavior? This is my second installment. You can read my first one here. Below are five hypothetical situations. Let’s get started: Situation One. You have a brilliant idea about starting a colony on Mars. Everyon...
John McManamy

Robin Williams: One Year Later

Remembering one of the world’s funniest actors and how he helped us learn to laugh and cope with life’s hardships.
John McManamy

"Normal" - How Familiar With It Are You?

As many of you following this blog know, I am working on a series of short books on bipolar. The first one focuses on our moods. One of the things that jumped out and hit me is the attention I am giving to “normal.” “Normal” has a number of meanings. ...
John McManamy

When Psychiatry Won't Listen

Do you ever get one of those days when you want to grab Psychiatry by the neck and wring it? I’m having one of them right now. Don’t get me wrong. I get along very well with the psychiatric profession. My 16-year journalist-to-expert collaboration ha...
John McManamy

My Day at Stand Down

Credit: Thinkstock Yesterday, I took my didgeridoo to Stand Down San Diego. Here’s the deal: Stand Down San Diego is a three-day event offering sanctuary and services to about a thousand homeless vets. Back in 1981, a group of Vietnam vets organized ...
John McManamy

Looking at the Bipolar Life-Cycle: A New Study Sheds Light

Most of us first experienced bipolar some time around our late teens-early adulthood. But if we cast our minds further back, in hindsight we can spot the early warning signs from years earlier. The pattern may go something like this: Weird behavior w...
John McManamy