Jon Russell, MD

Health Professional

Jon Russell, MD is a Head and Neck Endocrine Surgeon and the Director of Endoscopic and Robotic Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. He feels strongly about improving the patient experience, and founded a startup designed to help doctors understand what their patients think about them so that they can improve their bedside manner. Additionally, he takes pride in delivering excellent outcomes to patients with very complex surgical procedures involving the thyroid, parathyroid, and lymph nodes of the neck. He is a pioneer in performing scarless (transoral) thyroid surgery, and travels and publishes on this topic and others. With the advances in technology and big data, he believes that medicine and surgery will change significantly for the better in the coming years. He believes that every patient should have access to the best care, and works to improve patient education to that end. He enjoys hiking the “high point” of each state with his wife and three children.