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Jonathan D. Krant, M.D., directs the teaching service in Rheumatology at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, Massachussetts. A busy clinician, he oversees the care of 6,000 patients and runs the clinical investigation unit at Berkshire Rheumatology Associates, where he is employed as a staff rheumatologist. He wrote about osteoarthritis for HealthCentral.

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Ask the Expert: Is Stair Climbing Beneficial or Detrimental to Osteoarthritis?

Q: I have been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease. I understand this is the same as osteoarthritis. It is primarily in my hips and knees. I am considering going into an upper flat. Is stair climbing beneficial or detrimental to the OA? A: Oste...

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Ask the Expert - Slowing Knee Osteoarthritis

Dear Dr. Krant: I am 35 years old and was just diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. I am 3 weeks out of Arthoscopic surgery to remove torn cartilage. When I went for my 2 week post op they told me I had OA and that there isn’t much I can do for it at this ...

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Ask the Expert: Does Glucosamine Work?

Dear Dr. Krant, I would like to know if the supplements glucosamine and chondroitan sulfate are worth trying for osteoarthritis. I’ve heard of many people who have been helped. Do these supplements really work? Are they safe? Glucosamine and chondroi...

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Ask the Expert: What is the Normal Progression of OA?

Dear Dr. Krant: I am a 55 year-old man who has had osteoarthritis in my feet for 17 years. During the last 3 years it has spread throughout my spine, skull to tailbone, in the shoulders/hips/knees and hands, and nodes on fingers. I also have some dif...

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Meet Dr. Jonathan Krant, HealthCentral's New Osteoarthritis Expert

Dr. Krant will be contributing his rheumatology expertise in his regularly updated blog. Jonathan D. Krant, MD, directs the teaching service in Rheumatology at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, MA. A busy clinician, he oversees the care of 6,00...

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Osteoarthritis and Exercise

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a crippling condition, preventing the usual activities of walking, exercise and often resting without pain. The construction of an individualized exercise program featuring muscle strengthening, balance and flexibility c...

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What is the Difference Between Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis?

What is the difference between osteoarthritis and osteoporosis? Osteoarthritis (or degenerative joint disease) is a noninflammatory condition, commonplace in adults, which is derived from loss of cartilage with subsequent remodeling and overgrowth of ...

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How Does Exercise Help People with Osteoarthritis?

How does exercise help people with osteoarthritis? Exercise is an under-recognized treatment modality in patients with osteoarthritis. When combined with analgesic medication and physical therapy, exercise can result in significant weight reduction, ...