Kathi MacNaughton

Health Professional

Kathi is an experienced consumer health education writer, with a prior career in nursing that spanned more than 30 years — much of it in the field of home health care. Over the past 15 years, she's been an avid contributor for a number of consumer health websites, specializing in asthma, allergy, and COPD. She writes not only as a healthcare professional, but also as a lifelong sufferer of severe allergies and mild asthma, and as a caregiver for her mother with COPD.

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Doctor talking to man in hospital bed.

COPD in Non-Smokers

Most people diagnosed with COPD are current or past smokers, however, a small percentage of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cases occur in people who never smoked.

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Better Breathing with COPD

Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for yourself after being diagnosed with COPD. You won’t be able to reverse years of airway damage overnight. But you can greatly slow the progression of this disease and improve your health overall by no ...

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10 Tips for Coping with COPD

When you have a chronic condition like COPD, life can be difficult. But, you can adapt and take charge of managing your COPD by paying attention to the following tips.

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5 Tips for Getting Restful Sleep with COPD

When you have COPD, getting enough rest is essential. Of course, even people without COPD need sleep, but people who suffer from COPD use up much greater energy resources just to get through the day. So, when they do go to bed, they need to know they...

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5-Step Back to School Checklist for Parents of Kids with Allergies

For kids with allergies, going back to school can mean a return to dealing with allergy issues each day without your direct supervision. Here’s a handy checklist for parents in preparing for their child’s return to school.

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Seasonal Allergies in Children

Learn how seasonal allergies affect children, as well as some tips for parents of kids with allergies to help you (and them) cope better.

Woman holding her throat image.

A New Type of Food Allergy

People with asthma and nasal allergies, especially, need to be aware of this inflammatory condition of the esophagus, also known as EoE.

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Strategies for Dealing With COPD Flare-Ups

When you have COPD, you’re bound to have a flare-up. Being able to spots the signs and take proactive measures is key.

Asthma medications on blue background.

6 Smart Ways to Keep Up With Your Medication

Busy schedules and health costs may keep us from taking medications the right way. Try these six easy solutions.

Membrane of the ultrasonic nebulizer with children's mask

Nebulizers - An Alternative for Asthma Treatment & Control?

Most people who have asthma respond well to treatment that includes an inhaled steroid medication, along with an “as needed” rescue inhaler, which is a broncodilator. In most cases, these medications are delivered via small handheld devices called ei...