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COPD Inhalers: Understanding the Different Types

The GOLD* standard for treating COPD is to use handheld inhalers to deliver needed medication. Sometimes the medication is used to control and prevent symptoms of COPD. Other times the medication is used to relieve a worsening of symptoms, which is c...

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Choosing the right types of medicines to treat the symptoms of your nasal allergies can be a tricky business.

Do You Have Allergies or a Cold?

How do you know if you’re suffering from seasonal allergies or a virus?

Learn to Breathe Better with COPD

Did you know that COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States now? And that despite that fact, millions of people have never even heard of COPD or understand what it is? That’s right, 1 out of every 3 Americans remain unaware of COP...

Mold Allergy: Tips and Facts

Outdoor mold is one of the more common instigators of allergy symptoms. Find out where it’s found and how to treat it!

7 Tips for Indoor Allergies

No one wants to deal with raging allergies during the holidays. Here’s how to protect yourself.

COPD Mist Drug to Be FDA Approved?

Despite controversy, a new COPD mist drug may become available to patients soon.

Emphysema vs. Chronic Bronchitis

Both are classified as COPD, but what’s the difference?

Are OTC Inhalers Safe?

The reappearance of an over-the-counter inhaler has stirred up controversy.

Types and Causes of Pneumonia

Learn about this respiratory infection that can be a major life-threatening complication.