Kathi  MacNaughton

Kathi MacNaughton, Health Professional

Kathi is an experienced consumer health education writer, with a prior career in nursing that spanned more than 30 years — much of it in the field of home health care. Over the past 15 years, she’s been an avid contributor for a number of consumer health websites, specializing in asthma, allergy, and COPD. She writes not only as a healthcare professional, but also as a lifelong sufferer of severe allergies and mild asthma, and as a caregiver for her mother with COPD.

Learn to Breathe Better with COPD

Did you know that COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States now? And that despite that fact, millions of people have never even heard of COPD or understand what it is? That’s right, 1 out of every 3 Americans remain unaware of COP...
Kathi MacNaughton

Mold Allergy: Tips and Facts

Outdoor mold is one of the more common instigators of allergy symptoms. Find out where it’s found and how to treat it!
Kathi MacNaughton

7 Tips for Indoor Allergies

No one wants to deal with raging allergies during the holidays. Here’s how to protect yourself.
Kathi MacNaughton

Eating Right with COPD

Maintaining proper nutrition can be hard with COPD, but it’s key to making sure you have the strength and energy you need to get through the day. Healthy eating won’t cure your COPD, but it can help you be healthier overall, so that you better weathe...
Kathi MacNaughton