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Exercising with Gout

When you are living with gout, a lack of exercise can cause a vicious cycle that worsens and intensifies the painful effects of the disease. Gout makes your joints hurt and that makes you less likely to get up and get moving. This inactivity in turn ...

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Can You Still Lose Stubborn Body Fat In Your 50's

_Question: _ Dear Kenn, I’m 55 years & old a mother of 4 kids. I finally decided that this was the year I was going to lose these extra 30 pounds I’ve been carrying around for decades especially around my waist.I’ve been working out diligently si...

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Physical Fitness Test - Figuring How Fit You Really Are.

A recent article in the health section of the Washington Post by Howard Schneider titled “Figuring Out How Fit You Really Are” has been generating some buzz. I gave some tips for the column. You can click here to read the Post column Here is a little ...

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How To Get A Flat Belly Quickly and Easily - 5 Musts

It’s that time of the year when fitness related stories sell magazines like hotcakes and the question that tops them all is always about the abs. Great news, reducing your waist size and getting a flat belly is simple but not easy and yes there is a ...

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How To Burn Fat and Lose Weight Without Ever Working Out

Tina Turner turns 69 on November 26th and yet she has a great figure and the legs any 30 year old woman would die for. She is a grandmother multiple times over, but on stage she outlasts even the energizer bunny. After an eight-year hiatus she is bac...

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Almost Killed By CrossFit Training Workout?

Yesterday a jury in Northern Virginia awarded $300,000 to a former United States Navy sailor who sued a gym for administering the CrossFit workout. CrossFit is an intense strength and conditioning fitness workout that states as it’s goal “to create t...

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How Much Protein Do You Need To Grow Your Muscles

How much protein is a very popular question with many different answers. The USRDA (United States Recommended Daily Allowances) recommends 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. So if you weigh 152 pounds which is 69kg (152 / 2.2) you need to c...

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Why You Get Sore After You Exercise & Does It Mean You are Getting A Good Workout

Question: Dear Kenn, Why do I get Sore When I exercise and does it mean I’m getting a good workout. Answer: You get sore after you workout because your body is not used to the exercises you did. The soreness is usually at its worst within the first c...

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Is Patting Down Pizza And Other Greasy Foods A Fat Loss Trick?

I’m always entertained when I have dinner with one of my friends. She has this habit of ordering fried foods and using paper towels or napkins to pat down all her fried foods from french fries to pizza. Since she knows I like to eat healthy she will ...

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Bye Bye Big Belly - How To Lose Inches and Trim Your Waistline.

I conducted a survey at my gym and an overwhelming 80% of people wanted nice flat abdominals, which means you are not alone. However many people have the idea that a well defined mid section is reserved for athletes, trainers, models or those who are ...