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Kenneth Gross, M.D. wrote about multiple sclerosis for HealthCentral. He is the head of Fusion Clinical Multimedia, Inc., a medical education company in Miami, Florida, dedicated to areas that involve interspecialty issues.

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Dizzy woman leaning against a wall.

Vertigo and Eye Movements in Multiple Sclerosis

Eye movement analysis is a complicated area in neurology and multiple sclerosis (MS).

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Putting MS in the Spectrum of Medical Diseases

Multiple Sclerosis can defy logic in its presentation. Alternating complaints of numbness, weakness and dizziness can confuse a host of health providers not to mention the patient suffering through an array of difficulties. At the same time, MS can b...

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Rarity, Intrigue and Enigmas in MS

One often gets the impression from the world of Consensus Science that all human disease is beautifully understood, that new information is harmoniously added to enhance understanding and that certain knowledge is here and there tweaked to simply cla...

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Sleep Disorders in Multiple Sclerosis

In general, Sleep Disorders are divided into conditions associated with Hypersomnia or Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS), Disorders involving Difficulty in Initiating or Maintaining Sleep, Sleep Scheduling Disorders and Parasomnias or odd problems t...

Exhausted woman sleeping at her desk.

Fatigue and Sleepiness in Multiple Sclerosis

Fatigue or tiredness is extremely common in MS and is an important cause of disability.

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A Window into the Neuropsychiatry of MS

In 1999, Diaz-Olaverrieta et al. out of Mexico City published a study on Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This research was highly instructive because it was one of the first to catalogue the range of Neuropsychiatric probl...

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Movement Disorders and MS

Stumbling down the block, I landed on my hip and began jerking my arm; the event stressed me out. I grabbed for my wallet but found my tremoring hand unable to seize it from the grasp of a robber who had witnessed my tangled mass of taut muscles in a ...

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The Spinal Cord and MS

When people think about Multiple Sclerosis, there is often fixation on the brain. After all, the brain, characteristically struck by MS, is the organ that affords us the ability to think and to have self-awareness. Yet it is not uncommon to discover ...

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Natalizumab (Tysabri) Can Rarely Cause Liver Problems

It is extremely important to place the following information in context as it does not in any way represent medical advice for any patient. It should also be mentioned that all standard Multiple Sclerosis (MS) immunomodulator drugs can in rare cases ...

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Take Me Out of the Steroid Game: Implications for MS and Healthcare

Today I’m a bit sick with a health care problem. It involves baseball players using anabolic steroids in the name of their “professional health care”. I’m also sick over Roger Clemons’ mother advising him to take Vitamin B12 for “health reasons” and ...