Krista Bennett DeMaio

Krista Bennett DeMaio

Health Writer

Krista Bennett DeMaio has well over a decade of editorial experience. The former magazine-editor-turned-freelance writer regularly covers skincare, health, beauty, and lifestyle topics. Her work has appeared in national publications and websites including Oprah, Women’s Health, Redbook, Shape, Dr. Oz The Good Life,, and She lives in Huntington, New York with her husband and three daughters.

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Let's Talk About Psoriasis Treatment

When it comes to treating the scaly skin disorder, you've got options—lots of them. From topical ointments to immune-suppressing injections, there's a right fit for your specific type of psoriasis.

nurse showing bone scan

Let's Talk About Osteopenia

Half of all Americans over age 50 will be told they've lost some of their bone density. When it happens to you, it's worrisome, but it's also a wake-up call to take better care of your bones.


Let's Talk About the Causes of Melanoma

This form of skin cancer can be life-threatening, but when caught early, it's 98% treatable. Learn how to protect yourself, and recognize a problematic spot before it takes a dangerous turn.

melanoma in the sun

Let’s Talk About the Types of Melanoma

File under "Who Knew": There are several kinds of melanoma—several of which don’t even start in your skin. We’ll help you look out for any suspicious marks or specks, quite literally from head to toe.

medical laser treatment

Let's Talk About Melanoma Treatment

Melanoma is almost always curable when you catch — and treat — it early enough. We'll help you understand what a road to recovery is likely to look like.

scalp psoriasis

Let's Talk About the Types of Psoriasis

There are multiple forms of this scaly skin condition, and which one you have will determine the treatment you receive.

torso and forearm psoriasis

Let's Talk About the Causes of Psoriasis

If you have this itchy skin condition, you might be scratching your head trying to figure out how you got it. Here, the top reasons you’re seeing those telltale red spots and scales.

lady with weights

Let's Talk About Osteoporosis Treatment

When bones are weak, staving off further damage and preventing a fracture are both important. Read up on the moves, meds and other treatments proven to help.

osteoporosis hip

Let's Talk About Bone Fractures Due to Osteoporosis

A bone break is often a sudden, painful indicator of osteoporosis. We explain what leads to a break, how fractures are treated, and potential complications to look out for.

allergy test

Who Should You See for Chronic Hives?

Dermatologists and allergists can both effectively treat your hives. We help you figure out which doc is right for you.