Krista Bennett DeMaio

Krista Bennett DeMaio

Health Writer

Krista Bennett DeMaio has well over a decade of editorial experience. The former magazine-editor-turned-freelance writer regularly covers skincare, health, beauty, and lifestyle topics. Her work has appeared in national publications and websites including Oprah, Women’s Health, Redbook, Shape, Dr. Oz The Good Life,, and She lives in Huntington, New York with her husband and three daughters.

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When it comes to treating the scaly skin disorder, you've got options—lots of them. From topical ointments to immune-suppressing injections, there's a right fit for your specific type of psoriasis.

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Let's Talk About Osteoporosis Treatment

When bones are weak, staving off further damage and preventing a fracture are both important. Read up on the moves, meds and other treatments proven to help.

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Let’s Talk About the Signs and Symptoms of Osteoporosis

This brittle bone condition is tricky to spot. Learn what to look for so you can rest easy...or get yourself to the doctor if need be.

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Let’s Talk About Osteoporosis Risk Factors

Learn what makes you vulnerable to this bone-weakening condition, and you may be able to help prevent it.

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Let's Talk About Psoriasis Medications

When you're dealing with this challenging skin condition, you want it to go away—stat! Fortunately, you have multiple ways to make that happen.