Laird Harrison

Laird Harrison writes about science and medicine. His work has appeared magazines (TIME, Audubon, Discover, Men’s Fitness, Health), newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press); and Web sites (Salon, Reuters, MSNBC, He has produced video for Web sites including and audio for KQED and WUNC public media stations. His recent novel, Fallen Lake, tells the story of a powerful attraction between two couples and how it affected their children. Harrison has taught writing at San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley Extension and Mediabistro. He grew up in Berkeley, California, and studied creative writing and politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He lives in Oakland, California.

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A runner with knee pain stops to hold his knee.

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Knee replacement surgery can improve your quality of life and relieve pain — but don't expect it to feel as good as new.

Medications That May Affect Gait

Medications That May Affect Gait

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The Way You Walk: Why Gait Matters

The Way You Walk: Why Gait Matters

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Activities to Avoid After Knee Replacement

If you've recently had a knee replacement, avoid these overly strenuous or high-impact activities that can increase your risk of knee failure.

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An Alternative to Reading Glasses

Corneal inlays help correct the loss of near vision. Are you a candidate?