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Woman with cancer smiling.

How Well Are You Managing Life With Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Take this test to learn about areas in your life — like nutrition, stress and side-effect management, and more — where you may need extra support.

John and Tina

Living With ALS: One Man's Journey

HealthCentral speaks with an ALS patient about living with the condition — and the hope for a cure.

Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy
Doctor & Patient

How Medically Accurate is Your Favorite Hospital Show?

From “Grey’s” to “Scrubs,” learn about how closely your favorite doctor TV shows mimic real-life medicine.

Natural Cycles birth control app next to a pregnancy test.

Can This App Replace Your Birth Control Method?

You’ve heard of apps that can track your period. But what about an app that you can use as birth control?

A bottle of prescription pills spilled out in front of a glass of bourbon.
Healthy Conversations

Why Is Mixing Drugs So Dangerous?

Mixing drugs without a doctor’s approval is never a good idea. Yes, that includes alcohol. Here’s why.

Michael Becker and his wife, Lorie.

Man With Stage 4 Cancer Urges HPV Vaccination

Michael Becker always wanted to write a memoir. When he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, sharing his story suddenly took on even greater meaning.

Shannon Boxx image

Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Boxx Talks About Being a Lupus Advocate

Shannon Boxx has four FIFA World Cups and an Olympic gold medal under her belt. And she did it all while dealing with lupus.

Bill Nye speaking at Jesse Hall
Alternative Treatment

Bill Nye Takes on Alternative Medicine

In an episode of his new Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World,” Nye debunks myths about alternative medicine.

doctor comforting woman image

What Is a “Rape Kit” for Sexual Assault?

A sexual assault forensic exam, or “rape kit,” can help you get medical treatment and collect evidence of the assault.

man offering woman support holding hands image

Mental Health Care After Sexual Assault

Sexual assault may have long-term health effects, both mental and physical. Seeking treatment and help after assault can help you deal with this traumatic event.