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INFOGRAPHIC: The Science of Stem Cells

You have likely heard of a stem cell transplant and know it can be used as a treatment for certain cancers. But what exactly are stem cells, and how does a stem cell transplant actually work?

5 Ways to Limit Stress's Impact on Your Health

Upset stomach, joint pain, difficulty losing weight — these problems may seem unrelated, but they could have one common, yet surprising, cause: stress. Stress’s impact on the body reaches further than most people realize, according to Romila “Dr. Rom...

The Realities of a Stem Cell Transplant

Read Traver Hutchins’ story about what it’s actually like to receive a stem cell transplant and some of his tips that helped him throughout the process.

Sifting Through Side Effects of Birth Control Methods

Whether you are already on birth control or are looking to start a new method, headlines in fall 2016 about a Danish study linking hormonal birth control and depression may have made you feel uneasy. However, trying to decipher different studies may ...

Placement Pressure: Patients Push for IUDs in the Wake of the Election

In the weeks since the 2016 election results came in, many have wondered what the United States will look like under the incoming Trump administration. Women, in particular, are asking: What will become of my reproductive health care? It’s no secret ...

5 Meaningful Ways to Support Cancer Patients

When Traver Hutchins was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2008, people were eager to help. Anyone who has ever had a family member, friend, or acquaintance diagnosed with cancer knows this feeling: the overwhelming desire to somehow show you care. ...

Blood Donation: What You Need to Know (Infographic)

Have you been meaning to donate blood? Find out how you can best help your community.