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Larry Weinrauch is a cardiologist in Watertown, Massachusetts and is affiliated with Mount Auburn Hospital. He wrote for HealthCentral as a health professional for Heart Health, High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol.

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The Dos and Don'ts of Taking Prescription Cholesterol Medication

What is the best way to take my pills? This question is at the root of more confusion than any other question in medicine. The public wonders about which pill is best for a given disease, and we are constantly under the barrage of pharmaceutical adve...

Older man experiences jaw pain.

Jaw Pain Could Be Sign of Serious Heart Condition

Can pain in the jaw or teeth be an indication of a heart attack? How do I tell if a pain in my arm or shoulder is due to a heart condition? These questions are quite common and frequently asked, and not always easily or correctly answered in magazine...

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Hot tubs and heart disease: Trouble or treatment?

In many cultures throughout history and even today, the methods of bathing are different from ours. Some of the rituals would seem quite strange to those of us that have a shower and bathtub in our own homes or apartments. But as we travel, we become ...

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My heart is thick, why? Causes of left ventricular hypertrophy

Our hearts are vital pumps. Just like any pump they work best at the pressures for which they are designed. But unlike most mechanical pumps, the heart does adapt to working under pressures for which it was not necessarily designed. It does this by t...

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Which exercises are the best for your heart?

Our country has expanded the horizons for exercise. We now have facilities of all types and people are no longer considering it strange to set aside some time each day to take care of their bodies. But time is limited, so what exercise is best for yo...

Unhappy woman feeling sick on her bed in the morning.

Feeling sick after waking in the morning?

Find out more about how not getting enough quality sleep can leave you feeling sick for the rest of the day.

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Questions and Answers on Hypertension Control

  1. I can’t get my blood pressure under control, why? 2. I am taking Cozaar for high blood pressure. Some days my readings aren’t too bad but there are days with very bad readings. I am taking Hawthorn and yesterday my blood pressure was very high, so ...
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Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol: How One Condition Impacts the Other

I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II in 1999. Prior to that date my blood pressure readings were averaging 147/91. In January of 2000 my doctor put me on Lipitor. Could my HBP be considered a secondary condition that is likely to be caused in part a...

Silent Heart Disease in Diabetes: "Why Don't I Feel it?"

Silent Heart Disease in Diabetes

Whenever something bad happens there is an irrational thought process that causes each of us to try to assess “blame”. This is no different for doctors than it is for other people. I can’t think of anything much stranger than the discussion I hear fr...

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Honoring those who have survived strokes on World Stroke Day

Surviving a brain injury or “brain attack” is not quite like surviving from any other type of clotting or bleeding problem. Years after a gastrointestinal bleeding episode, you may only have a bad memory, but you don’t have to live with the problem e...