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Facing Daily Life with Vascular Dementia

What a life, living with vascular dementia It seems that every thing is a struggle. I know the words EVERY THING should be written as EVERYTHING, but by dividing the word, I think that it increases its impact. Literally ALL that I do is a struggle! I ...

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Nine Years with Vascular Dementia

I have suffered with Vascular Dementia for a bunch of years now. Truthfully, I cannot remember when it was diagnosed. The only thing I can relate it to is that it happened after my retirement from teaching, which was, I think, 2004. I had a couple of ...

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Preparing for a neurologist appointment despite dementia

Life with dementia continues to be a challenge. My dementia appears to be moving forward. I am experiencing bigger HOLES. My definition of a HOLE is a block of time which, in my conscious memory, does or did not exist. Earlier in my diagnosis, I only ...

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Dealing with Short Attention Spans with Dementia

July 1st was my birthday. I am 62…Or is it 63? I’m really sure that I’m older than 61… Let’s see…1948 to 2000 would be 52 years…add ten years to get to 62 in 2010…and now it’s…2011…so I add one year… NOW I KNOW HOW OLD I WILL BE-I will be 63 years ol...

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Living Life with Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia is second only to Alzheimer’s in frequency of occurrence. Unlike Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia travels a slower path. I was diagnosed with it almost six years ago (I think) at the age of 56. What is life with vascular dementia like ...

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A Memory Aid To Help Short Term Memory Loss

Disclaimer:I have no financial interest in the product that I am going to describe to you.I present it only in consumer interest.It may be something that would be of benefit to those who have short term memory loss or who know someone with that disab...

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Dementia Dilemma

It saddens me to say that just saying the word DEMENTIA creates a self-limiting prophesy. That may be an apparent truth…but it is not the whole story. Unfortunately, most people do not understand what dementia is. People do not know that dementia has ...

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Jumbled Thoughts

I’ve had some new experiences. The most alarming involves thought. I am experiencing some jumbling of thought. On one occasion, I was watching TV and the words the person was saying didn’t make any sense to me…my thoughts cleared up, though, and I be...