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10 Ways Naturopathy Can Help With RA

Going beyond traditional medication and trying acupuncture, supplements and meditation can make a difference.

What to Expect When You Have an X-Ray for RA

An X-ray technologist walks you through the steps of what to expect from your X-ray, including what you should wear, and if it will hurt.

Fierce Mom on a Mission: A Profile of Paula Fitzgibbons

A mom of three talks about living with RA, how her children adjust to her chronic illness, and how she helps them cope with their own.

Stop Comparing: A Rule to Living With RA

Comparing yourself to others is second nature, but when you have RA it can be extremely unhealthy.

Finding Your Stimulati

How you can take a bad pain situation and surround yourself with a positive team — your “Stimulati.”

NBA All-Star Talks Managing Pain Without Opioids

After ten post-surgery recoveries using opioids, Grant Hill tried a non-opioid approach the 11th time around.

Breaking the Rules with Chronic Illness

Proving to the world that you’re more than a chronic illness patient.

Michael Kuvula’s Quest to Raise Awareness

Continuing his theme to raise awareness for RA, fashion designer Michael Kuluva’s 2018 line hits the runway.

Tips for Wheelchair Travel

Having physical limitations does not have to prevent you from seeing the world.

Surviving Your First Rheumatologist Appointment

Learn what can help you get through the first appointment with a specialist, and make it a success.