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Does Weather Make RA Worse?

Bone-chilling temperatures and stifling heat can be hard for anyone to handle. But it can be even worse for people with RA. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Deal with RA and a Job

RA can make working–and finding work–hard. This advice may help your job search and how to handle when and what you should tell an employer.

Patient Safety and RA

Find out how to prevent yourself from being a victim of a serious medical error and what you can do to ensure safety during treatment or a hospital stay.

Occupational vs. Physical Therapy

Both treatments are similar and can help rheumatoid arthritis. Find out what the difference is and when you need it.

Should You Get a Cortisone Shot?

Here are the positives and negatives of getting a cortisone shot–and why you should talk to your doctor about this treatment option.

Advocating for Your Health, and For Others

When I began my PhD program in sociology in Michigan in 2007, I never imagined that eight years later, I would have two chronic illnesses, two Master’s degrees and a PhD, and be living in New York with my boyfriend, of now three years. I never imagin...

Can Massage Help RA Pain?

Massage is usually associated with reducing tension and stress. But for people with rheumatoid arthritis, it can also ease pain, when done correctly.

When to Talk About RA Pain

Do you tell people about the pain you’re feeling or find it easier to not talk about it? Here’s what to consider when making a decision.

Should You Be a Patient Advocate?

A patient advocate is someone who helps patients navigate the complex maze of the healthcare system. Learn more about how you can help.

Why It's Important to Keep Muscles Strong

It can be hard to exercise when you have RA, but moving your body in any capacity can help ease symptoms and flare-ups.