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Can You Work With RA?

Holding down a full-time job can be a challenge when you live with RA. Read these work tips and share your own experiences.

Being Optimistic With RA

Having RA can stunt your optimism, but you can still set hopeful goals for 2015 without being unrealistic.

Productive With RA

Sometimes it’s hard to know when you can (and should) cross the line of your comfort zone. This advice may help you tackle that decision.

The Myths and Stigma of RA

Misunderstandings about RA continue to exist because many people have preconceived notions about the condition. Here are some of the more common myths.

Lupus Is As Lupus Does

For me, it’s hard to talk about lupus without talking about RA because I have both illnesses. As of November 2013, it was reported that 1.3 million adults in the United States have RA and between 161,000 to 322,000 have lupus (1). However, the preval...

Being Prepared For A Health Crisis: The Importance Of Medical Alert Jewelry, Even For RA

I think often times, people who are chronically ill, who don’t have certain types of illnesses, don’t think they need to wear medical alert jewelry. Often times we think of people with diabetes, who are insulin dependent, and those with severe allerg...

The Steroid Curse: Prednisone Vs. Methylprednisolone

I have always had a love-hate relationship with prednisone. I don’t like to be on it. I was miserable when I was on it all the time, but not being on it, my pain significantly increased. I was really stubborn, though, and when I was on prednisone on ...

RA: A Pain in the Neck or the Head?

I have had headaches for a long time, but growing up, we attributed them to stress. And that’s what they seemed to be. Classic stress headaches. However, since getting sick, I have experienced headaches much more frequently. Sometimes they are in the ...

Lupus and RA: A Frustrating Combination

May is both lupus and arthritis awareness month, which is convenient for me, since I have both illnesses. I was diagnosed with RA first, and a few months later, the diagnosis was changed to both RA and lupus. For me, the diagnosis of just RA did not ...

Hoping My Sister And I Share Everything But My Illnesses

I have one sibling. My sister and I are almost 10 years apart. Growing up, we weren’t all that close because our lives were so different. When she was five and I was 14, the last thing I wanted was my little sister hanging out with my friends and I. ...