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Lexi Krupp is a journalist who covers health and science stories for audio and print. Before moving to New York City, she taught ecology in Wisconsin and Maine.

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Covid-19 model close-up

Coronavirus and Autoimmune Disease: What You Need to Know

When it comes to fighting off infection, a healthy immune system is everything. So if you're one of the 24 million Americans with an autoimmune disorder, exactly how worried should you be about COVID-19?

lung vulnerability

What People With Lung Disease Should Know About COVID-19

As the number of people infected by the coronavirus grows, certain groups are at greater risk for serious complications. If you suffer from COPD or other forms of lung disease, here’s how the disease impacts your body.

heart danger

Why COVID-19 Is Dangerous if You Have Heart Disease

Getting the coronavirus is bad news for anybody. But people with certain underlying conditions, including heart problems, are especially at risk for serious complications. Here’s what you should know.