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Water with ice in a glass jar.

Blood Pressure and Water Intake

Dehydration is a potential cause of low blood pressure (hypotension) due to decreased blood volume resulting in decreased pressure against artery walls. However, did you know not drinking enough water can lead to high blood pressure? When you do not ...

HDL and LDL cholesterol on a sticky note.

Can My HDL Be Too High?

Is it possible to have too much “good” cholesterol? Find out more about the different types of HDL, cholesterol tests, and what they mean.

Statin pill and blister packs on table.

Can You Eat Whatever You Want While Taking Statins for Cholesterol?

Statins can help prevent and treat heart disease by lowering cholesterol, but they are much more effective when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Electronic blood pressure measurement device with arm strap, for home testing.
Living With

7-Step Plan for Managing High Blood Pressure

Try this 7 step plan to help you manage high blood pressure with these heart healthy lifestyle changes.

Couple prepares foods as part of a high potassium diet.

Can You Use Potassium to Lower Blood Pressure?

Research has shown that if Americans were to increase their intake of potassium the number of people living with high blood pressure would drop approximately 10 percent. Right now, in American, nearly half of all adults live with high blood pressure ...

Woman enjoys apple as part of a high fiber diet.

Dietary Fiber: 4 Tips to Lower Cholesterol with Fiber

Use these tips to help you learn about dietary fiber and how it can be beneficial to your heart health by lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Cherries, berries, and tea.
Alternative Treatment

Cold and Flu Fighting Foods and Supplements

Nutritionist Jonny Bowden explains the best foods and supplements to help strengthen your immune system against cold, flu, and other common illnesses.

Family leaving beach

Know Your Family Heart Health Tree

Learn more about your family history so that you can improve your heart health.

Peanut butter.

Is Peanut Butter Good for Cholesterol?

We obviously love our peanut butter, but just how nutritious is it for us? And how does it affect cholesterol?

Drugs on pharmacy shelves

Risks of Adverse Drug Reactions

Thousands of preventable deaths are caused each year by adverse reactions with over-the-counter (OTC) medications.