Lori-Ann Holbrook

Patient Expert

Lori-Ann wrote for HealthCentral as a patient expert for Psoriatic Arthritis.

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Setting Goals with PsA

Often, the thought of making positive lifestyle changes with psoriatic arthritis seems like just something else to exhaust you. But making even little changes can be very positive and give you the boost you need to push ahead. Here are some small ste...

Managing Costs of Psoriatic Arthritis

Here are tips for juggling costs when managing psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Managing Flares with an Active Lifestyle

I love living in Jersey City, New Jersey and working in Manhattan, even with my psoriatic arthritis. Because I am on immunosuppression therapy, I have a tendency to get sick often. For that reason, I do not have the luxury of taking a sick day when m...

Coping with Psoriasis and PsA

HealthCentral guest expert Lori-Ann Holbrook shares her tools for living more positively with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis.

Tips to Keep Track of PsA Treatments

Here are some tips for managing and staying consistent with psoriatic arthritis medications, along with psoriasis treatments.