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Craving Change: Stimulating My Manic Side?

The thing I can’t stand most of all is when nothing changes. Perhaps it’s part of my bipolar craving for excitement, for something to stimulate the manic side and get me out of the doldrums. I’d almost rather have a tragedy than have my daily routine ...

Pathological Optimism vs. Chronic Pessimism

Here’s how pathological optimism vs. chronic pessimism manifest in people with bipolar disorder.

Overcoming Self-Loathing

One of the most destructive attitudes that results from bipolar disorder is self-loathing. Spending time and energy blaming ourselves does no one any good.

An Anthropological Perspective on Depression and Bipolar Disorder

After reading anthropologist Meredith Small’s book, I thought perhaps she would reject our current Western model for treating mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder. An interview with Meredith Small.

How Much Abuse Should a Friend or Spouse Take?

What are your options if you find yourself dealing with a bipolar person who refuses to get help or take responsibility for their actions?

A Day in the Life of Bipolar Disorder

Today I am restless, moody, bored. I would like to get in the car and head out across the country. I would like to smash something. I would like to crawl out of my skin and into a new life. This is one phase of my bipolar disorder–the restless one. I...

Forcing Mental Health Patients to Take Medication Is Not the Answer

In a September 19th New York Times article, Benedict Carey writes about the recent death of Dr. Wayne S. Fenton, a psychiatrist who was killed on Sunday, September 3, by a schizophrenic patient. The issue Carey brings up is whether or not severely di...

Living Life from Crisis to Crisis

You can’t get bored when all your energies are concentrated on fixing the current crisis.

The Link Between Weather and Mood

It’s raining today and I’m on vacation in Maine visiting Acadia National Park. The whole area is absolutely gorgeous, with fantastic and varied views of ocean, mountain, woods, brooks, rocky crags, quaint fishing towns providing all the associated ac...