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Mandy Crest

Patient Expert

Mandy wrote for HealthCentral as patient expert for Multiple Sclerosis.

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Relationships and Chronic Conditions

Living with a condition can place a big strain on a relationship. Here are tips for keeping it happy.

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Diagnosing MS: The EMG Test

If your doctor suspects that you have multiple sclerosis, but you haven’t yet been diagnosed, chances are you’ll be taking an EMG test. EMG stands for electromyogram. The purpose of the EMG is to assess the health of muscles by measuring their respon...

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"I'm a pain in the ass, I think"

"I’ve had such a hard time acknowledging I even have a disease. I’m a pain in the ass I think. I think of you all the time. You have 100x the issues and you seemed to have so much more grace and patience." That statement is an excerpt from ...