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Prednisone, the Dirty Little Secret, Becomes More Respectable

Many rheumatologists at least verbalize a reluctance to use "cortisone"-like drugs such as prednisone in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis; but many, if not most, rheumatologists do use prednisone. Prednisone, even in low dosages, can ...

Ask the Expert: Preventing RA Symptoms with Birth Control Pills?

Dr. Borigini answers a question about birth control and rheumatoid arthritis.

Ask the Expert: Link between Swollen Feet and Nerve Damage?

Dr. Borigini answers a question about feet issues, back pain, and nerve damage.

I have severe neck pain in the morning when I wake up. Is there a

Neck pain in the morning can be due to straining the neck while asleep. During certain stages of sleep, the muscles are contracted. One option would be to use a firm flat mattress and a flat pillow or preferably no pillow in those cases where morning ...

Research Update: Caffeine, Marijuana and RA

I was in Berkeley, California a couple of weeks ago, and was struck by the prevalence of Starbuck’s coffee and marijuana among the fine citizens of that liberal city. And as luck would have it, there have recently been research findings presented on ...