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Ski resort in Alps at night

Why Higher Altitudes Harm Sleep

Trouble sleeping when you visit certain places? Altitude related insomnia might be to blame.

Woman laying in bed in the dark suffering from insomnia.

The Health Benefits of Better Sleep

Taking steps to improve your sleep can lead to better health outcomes.

Insomnia and nightmare in bed at night

How the Dreams of Insomniacs Differ From Those of Healthy Sleepers

It turns out the dreams of insomnia sufferers may be quite different from those of normal sleepers.

Over thinking female smoking cigarette on bed

Think a Cigarette Before Bed Helps You Sleep? Think Again!

We all know that smoking comes with a number of health risks — but did you know that it’s also associated with sleep difficulties?

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How to Sleep Better With Hay Fever

Hay fever can make it more difficult to sleep. Here’s how to sleep easier this hay fever season.

Hipster friends embracing joyfully at sunset on seaside

How Personality Affects Sleep Quality

Specific personalities influence insomnia severity. Does your personality trait make the list?

Man feeling tired after waking up in the morning

Why You Might Not Feel Well-rested After Waking

Getting enough sleep, but waking unrefreshed? You may be experiencing nonrestorative sleep.

wiping condensation from window image

Does Mold Mess With Your Quality of Sleep?

In 1994 a British study found the prevalence of sleep problems was almost a third higher among those living in damp houses compared to those living in dry houses. A separate study published in 2005 found that those living in damp buildings were more ...

woman relaxing listening to music image

Can Listening to Music Relieve Insomnia?

Studies examined the effect of listening to music every day for between 25 and 60 minutes over the course of three days to five weeks.

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How Light Therapy Can Improve Sleep

Light therapy lamps may improve sleep issues caused by circadian rhythm disorders. Here’s everything you need to know.