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How Light Therapy Can Improve Sleep

Light therapy lamps may improve sleep issues caused by circadian rhythm disorders. Here’s everything you need to know.

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The Insomnia Treatments Worth Paying For

These insomnia treatments were rated according to their cost-effectiveness.

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Healthy Lifestyles for Veterans

The Best Treatment Options for Veterans Who Can't Sleep

A 2017 review reveals the best treatment options for sleep disturbances in veterans.

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Why Are Sleep Complaints More Common in Women?

Women are more likely to suffer from insomnia and other sleep problems compared to men. These are the reasons why.

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Helpful Baby Sleep Management Techniques

These baby sleep management strategies and techniques that parents found most helpful have also been supported by research.

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What Short Sleep Can Mean for Liver Disease

Inadequate or short sleep has been linked to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), but studies on the association have yielded inconsistent results.

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The Essential Oils Proven to Improve Sleep

Here are seven essential oils that can help you sleep better, as well as instructions for how to apply and use them.

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Improving Sleep to Battle Cognitive Decline: A New Approach?

Half of all Alzheimer’s disease patients suffer from sleep disturbances which indicates there is a link between poor sleep and cognitive decline.

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Using Acupressure for Cancer Symptoms and Insomnia

A research study suggests that cancer symptoms and sleep issues may be improved by alternative therapies, such as acupressure.


Examining the Connection Between Gout and Sleep Apnea

A study revealed that there may be a significant connection between sleep apnea and gout.