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Exhausted doctor at work during a night shift.
Risk Factors

Sleep Problems When On-Call

A 2017 study suggests that simply being on-call can lead to poor sleep quality.

Hand hanging off of bed with empty glass and bottle on floor.

How to Treat Insomnia When You Live with an Alcohol Use Disorder

Half of all patients report disturbed sleep during alcohol withdrawal. Here are some treatment options that may help.

Stretching after long sleep.
Risk Factors

The Health Risks Linked to Long Sleep

Studies demonstrate that excessive sleep duration is linked to a number of negative health outcomes.

Man experiencing pain while trying to sleep.

Sleep-Related Painful Erections: Causes, Solutions

Experiencing erections during sleep is perfectly normal; but they should not be painful.

Woman waking up in her bedroom.

Is Bedroom Air Quality Harming Your Sleep?

The simple act of opening a window at night may improve the quality of your sleep.

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Risk Factors

The Links Between Sleep and GI Health

A look at the reasons why sleep disturbances are common in those with gastrointestinal disease.

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Causes and Consequences of Teen Sleep Issues

Sleep deprivation is all too common among teenagers, which is why many of the effects are overlooked.

Couples feet sticking out from under covers in bed.

Does Sexual Orientation Influence Sleep Quality?

A report sheds light on a long-ignored area of sleep research: sexual orientation.

Assortment of healthy foods, including nuts, beans, and fresh vegetables.

Eat Well to Improve Your Sleep Health

A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and legumes just might help you sleep better, according to this study.

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Sleep Paralysis: Exploring Potential Causes

Ever woken in the night feeling paralyzed or unable to breathe? Sleep paralysis could be to blame.