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10 Instant Energy Boosters for Thyroid Patients

Simple things like changing your dosing times for T3 medications, taking B-12, and caffeine can help you beat thyroid fatigue.

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The Benefits of Exercise After Thyroid Cancer

You may feel like you’ve been hit by a bus after going through thyroid cancer and treatment, but pushing yourself to exercise can ease that fatigue.

Are Artificial Sweeteners Causing Your Thyroid Issues?

Before grabbing the blue, pink or yellow packets of sugar substitutes, you should probably know how they could be affecting your hypothyroidism.

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How the Winter Affects Your Thyroid

If you are hypothyroid, cold weather can have a number of effects on your thyroid treatment and symptoms.

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10 Ways to Rock Your Thyroid Scar

Sometimes a thyroidectomy scar will fade, and sometimes it won’t. Either way, here are suggestions for how you can cover it — or wear it loud and proud.

Thyroid Scar Wars.

#ThyroidScarWars: Share Thyroid Cancer Scars

Once you’ve had a thyroidectomy, you’re a true thyroid warrior — like these women who aren't afraid to show off their scars.

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Top Tips for Organizing Your Thyroid Records

When you have a thyroid condition, there's a lot of blood work and other records to track. These are the best tools, tricks, and apps to keep you organized.

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What is thyroid eye disease?

Better known as Graves’ eye disease, this disease affects up to half of all people living with Graves’ disease.

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The Best Thyroid Experts on Social Media

Give these doctors, patient organizations, and thyroid news sites a ‘like.’

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Thyroid Disease and Family Questions Answered

These questions and answers will help learn what you need to know about your family history of thyroid disease.