Matt McMillen

Matt McMillen

Health Writer

Matt McMillen has been a freelance health reporter since 2002. In that time he’s written about everything from acupuncture to the Zika virus. He covers breaking medical news and the latest medical studies, profiles celebrities, and crafts easy to digest overviews of medical conditions. His work has appeared, both online and in print, in The Washington Post, WebMD Magazine, Diabetes Forecast, AARP, and elsewhere.

Latest Articles by Matt McMillen

Parkinson's Disease

Let’s Talk About Parkinson’s Disease

We’ve got the doctor-approved scoop on causes, symptoms, treatments, and a ton of other facts and tips that can make life with this condition easier.

Heart Health

Let’s Talk About Atherosclerosis

When plaque builds up in your blood vessels, your heart, brain, and major organs can be robbed of oxygen from narrowed arteries or a blood clot. Here’s how to prevent, manage, and treat this condition.

distraught senior
Parkinson's Disease

“Honey, Did You See That Squirrel in the Living Room?”

Visual hallucinations can be a common occurrence in people with Parkinson’s disease. Here’s why and what to do about them.

FINAL 1 wide2
Heart Health

How, Exactly, Does Your Heart Work?

This illustrated guide walks you through how your ticker functions and explains what can happen when its valves aren’t pumping properly.

heart valves
Heart Health

Why Did I Get Heart Valve Disease?

Learn how this serious heart disorder develops, and how you can lower your risk to prevent heart attack, arrhythmias, blood clots, and stroke.

Black patient
Health Disparities

Race-Norming in Health Care: A Special Report

Many doctors use risk assessment tools that factor skin color into the score—often at the expense of Black people.

reading pill bottle
High Cholesterol

What’s Tripping Up Your Cholesterol Treatment?

Half of all people who’ve been prescribed meds for high cholesterol don’t take them. Here's how to stay on plan.

High Cholesterol

When Lifestyle Changes Don’t Control Cholesterol

Medication may be a must to protect your heart health, even if you’re doing everything else right.