Michael Hunter, M.D.

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Dr. Michael Hunter received his undergraduate degree from Harvard, medical degree from Yale, and completed a residency in radiation oncology at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a best-selling author, is among the most celebrated oncologists in the Pacific Northwest, and has had numerous leadership positions in the oncology realm. Dr. Hunter serves in the Seattle area, and writes regularly on wellness at

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How to Balance Your Career With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer shouldn’t have to mean giving up your work life—if you don’t want it to. These tips will help you stay on the job while going through treatment.

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The Hair Dye and Breast Cancer Study That Everyone Is Talking About

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11 Best Tips for Healthy Breasts

Boobs: They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and variations. But this universal wisdom will keep anyone’s feeling good—and help lower your risk of breast cancer.

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Could a Yogurt-a-Day Help Keep Breast Cancer Away?

Researchers have been studying potential causes of breast cancer, the most common cancer in women other than skin cancers, for decades. And there’s a new hypothesis: Could harmful bacteria in our bodies be one cause of breast cancer?

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Let's Talk About Breast Cancer Treatment

There are many approaches to treating breast cancer. Understanding your options can help you feel confident in the decisions you make.

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Let's Talk About Breast Cancer Medication

Advancements in drug therapies have made it easier than ever to treat breast cancer. Learn more about the common meds available, and how they work.