Michael Lehrer, MD

Michael Lehrer, MD

Medical Reviewer

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia. Medical reviewer for the VeriMed Healthcare Network.

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Something sank its teeth into you? We'll help you figure out what type of insect, chigger, or spider might be to blame.

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Differences and Similarities Between Eczema and Psoriasis

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What to Know Before Trying Phototherapy for Severe Eczema

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Elimination Diets and Severe Eczema: Mistakes to Avoid

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Try Home Phototherapy for Psoriasis

Phototherapy can be a great way to treat psoriasis. Find out why at-home options can be just as effective as treatments in a doctor’s office.

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Chronic Hives

Everything You Need to Know About Chronic Hives

What causes chronic hives? When should you see a doctor? Get answers to the most-asked questions, including how urticaria is diagnosed and ways to control it.

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How Do Biologic Therapies Help Psoriasis?

Biologics can make a big difference with psorisis, but they also pose some risks. Here's what you should know about biologic therapies before making a decision.

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Shopping Guide for Eczema-Friendly Bedding

Does eczema keep you up at night? These tips got getting the right sheets can make a difference in managing your itchy skin and enjoying a good night’s rest.