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Causes of Our College Mental Health Crisis

Today’s college students are faced with a range of ever-intensifying pressures.

How I Experienced Depression as a Teenager

Mental health speaker, Mike Veny shares his story of growing up as a teenager with depression and what would have helped to treat it during that time.

The Rewards of Mental Health Support Groups

My mental health support group has also sparked better results in sessions with my therapist.

How to Spot and Defuse Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Recognizing that strong relationships can survive arguments is a step toward authentic interactions.

Your Smartphone: The Future of Mental Health?

As mobile technology evolves, mental health apps can make treatment more personalized and effective.

Tips for Making Travel Less Stressful

When you add travel to the normal stress you already feel, life can turn into a nightmare. Here are tips to prevent that.

When to Let Go of Toxic Relationships

While relationships can be exhilarating and supportive, they can also be destructive. Here’s when and how to let go.

How to Practice Self-Care Without Being Selfish

When self-care is not a priority, it can make any condition worse and make it much harder to enjoy life.

The Art of Learning to Trust Life

You will learn the art of trusting life in a way that is unique to you.

How to Use a 'Mind-Sweep' for Anxiety Attacks

Credit: iStock When you experience an anxiety attack, it will consume all of your attention and energy, as if nothing else in your life matters. Anxiety attacks disrupt the lives of 4 million adults in the United States each year. There are a variety ...