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When to Let Go of Toxic Relationships

While relationships can be exhilarating and supportive, they can also be destructive. Here’s when and how to let go.

How to Practice Self-Care Without Being Selfish

When self-care is not a priority, it can make any condition worse and make it much harder to enjoy life.

The Art of Learning to Trust Life

You will learn the art of trusting life in a way that is unique to you.

How to Use a 'Mind-Sweep' for Anxiety Attacks

Credit: iStock When you experience an anxiety attack, it will consume all of your attention and energy, as if nothing else in your life matters. Anxiety attacks disrupt the lives of 4 million adults in the United States each year. There are a variety ...

Choosing Happiness Over Depression Is Where Healing Begins

Credit: iStock Let’s face it: living with depression is painful, frustrating, debilitating and exhausting. “It’s complete apathy and fatigue,” Kaitlynn Kelly wrote in her article, “The Myth of ‘Choosing Happiness’ to Heal Depression,” published on th...

10 Practical Ways to Cope With Social Anxiety

Social anxiety often occurs in anticipation of, during, and after social situations. Its debilitating effects, meanwhile, can keep people from doing what they would like to do, or going where they would like to go. A person suffering from social anxi...

Crushed Masculinity and the Agony of Depression

According to Merriam-Webster, the word “emasculation” is defined as “making a man feel less masculine” or “depriving a man of his strength and/or role.” When I first heard that word several years ago, during a session with my therapist, I felt surpri...

9 Powerfully Effective Tips for Fighting Winter Depression

“Winter depression” typically manifests, as the name implies, during winter months. The symptoms usually begin in late autumn and become more severe as winter sets in. Also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), winter depression usually improve...

How to Use a Gratitude Journal for Depression

To cope with your depression and live the best life possible, you need to have as many tools at your disposal as you possibly can. The tools that you choose to keep in your toolbox should be easy to use and work fast. Writing in a gratitude journal i...

We Can Help Homeless Veterans - Together

Recovery from mental illness is possible for all veterans. To help support this, it’s important to address the issue of housing for veterans.