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Why I'll Never Eat Soy

In an ongoing debate about the good and bad of it, MBL shares why she’s done away with soy.

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Does This Make Me Look Fat? Ways to Dress Thinner

Ways to Dress Thinner, photo by anitapeppers Much like Lewis Carroll’s white rabbit, we are always in a hurry. I’m here but can’t stay long because I need to get there as soon as possible. Even when I go from here to there, I find myself thinking abo...

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Two Non-Surgical Bariatric Treatments for Obesity Approved by FDA

If you choose to get bariatric surgery you should be aware that there will be some ouch. After all, it is surgery. The ouch will disappear with time, but the mark of surgery is like the house guest who seems in no special hurry to leave. Eventually b...

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A Healthy Protein That Also Helps Joints

A new type of protein power that won’t upset the sensitive systems in those who have had bariatric surgery, may also help with joint pain.

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Eat Breakfast Like a King and Lose Weight, New Study Results

French Mushroom Omelet, Sweet Potato Hash, and Fruit with Granola recipes from ** Borne Appétit** Front Loading Your Calories for Weight Loss Okay, so I have started my new diet, and this time I am more motivated than all the other times combined. ‘G...

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Listen to Your Body's NOT Hungry Cues

Start listening to your body’s NOT hungry cues In 1957 a researcher cleverly inserted the words “eat popcorn” and “drink Coca Cola” into a single frame on a movie reel. No viewer could actually see any of these words but the subconscious absorbed the...

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Getting Your Child to Eat Healthy

Getting your child to eat veggies is no easy task, but it’s possible! Healthy choices during pregnancy and breastfeeding can help establish a foundation for a healthy diet at a later time.

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FAQ About Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder differs from over-eating and is closely related to body shape, weight, and a greater psychiatric comorbidity.

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Boost Your Metabolism by Eating These Foods!

Foods That Fuel Metabolism Dieting 101 will tell you that weight is lost when more calories are burned than consumed. Now that we have this information, we can get started on constructing our leaner, meaner selves. We eat better, exercise, and burn m...

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Mediterranean-Type Low Carb Diet Explained

The Mediterranean Diet might be defined as more of a pattern of food consumption than an actual diet. There is actually more than one Mediterranean Diet, although each refers to the traditional foods and eating patterns in the countries that border t...