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Meet Bariatric Educator and Patient Sandi Henderson

Meet Bariatric Educator and Patient Sandi Henderson Sandi Henderson had been struggling with her weight since she was 3-years old. Finally, at age 56 and weighing over 400 pounds, Sandi made the decision to have the lap-band surgery she believes save...

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Kaiser's Class Action Lawsuit for Plastic Surgery after Bariatric Surgery

Class Action Lawsuit Over Insurance Coverage for Excess Skin Removal Following Bariatric Surgery Is On In California aiser Denies Coverage for Plastic Surgery after Bariatric Surgery "Who is going to pay for that?" or "How are we goin...

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My Bariatric Life 2-years after Tummy Tuck and Living a Life I Love

I’ve written extensively about my tummy tuck experience in a series of posts entitled My Bariatric Life Tells All About Her Tummy Tuck I describe how I prepared for recovery, the the emotional roller coaster of my experience, as well as my amazing tr...

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Why Drinking Water is Important

There are many good health reasons to drink more water. Learn how much you should be drinking per day and what benefits you should start to see.

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Was There Truth in the 1980's Grapefruit Diet?

Photo credit: Suat Eman Among the fads of the 1980s were Rubic’s Cube, Magic 8 Ball, and Pacman. Then there were the fad diets such as the Beverly Hills Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet, and the Grapefruit Diet, all of which were giv...

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The Skinny on Calories

The simple approach to weight loss is the premise that if you burn more calories per day than you consume you will lose weight. This is true enough although not absolute. There is more to calories than a number consumed in column one and a number bur...

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3 Online Tools that Help You Lose Weight!

Online Resources for Weight Management Before you begin a do-it-yourself weight management program via the internet, be wise and consult a physician, nutritionist, or dietician first. Proper weight loss should be the goal, not just shedding as many p...

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Turkey Stuffed Peppers in Curried Tomato Simmer Sauce from Borne Appétit

Turkey Stuffed Peppers in Curried Tomato Simmer Sauce from Borne Appétit My stuffed pepper recipe is oh so simple to make, and oh so delicious to eat Last night on a whim, or perhaps a moment of inspiration, I fused the flavors of two traditional di...

Vitamin C, dissolvable and drinkable.

Know Your Options for Bariatric Vitamins

UCSF Medical Center recommends a variety of ways for bariatric patients to take their post-surgery vitamins. This is because patients aren’t as able to absorb whole pills as easily, and pills may have difficulty passing though the new, altered digest...

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High Fat Meals Are Worse for Men

New studies suggest that men have little protection against the harmful effects on the brain of high fat meals, compared to women.