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Dr. Neil Gonter is a rheumatologist in Teaneck, New Jersey and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Hackensack University Medical Center and Holy Name Medical Center. He wrote for HealthCentral as a health professional for Osteoporosis.

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Is Miacalcin Nasal Spray Good Enough for Me?

Reader Question: I have been treating my osteoporosis for the past few years with medications. Recently I developed intolerance to all oral medications. I am scared to get IV medications and would like to go on Miacalcin nasal spray. Is this good eno...

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Fosamax and Atrial Fibrillation Concerns

Reader’s Question: I was diagnosed with osteopenia. My doctor advised me to start taking Fosamax. My mother has atrial fibrillation. I was recently heard that this might be problem. Should I take this? It is important to know what atrial fibrillation ...

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FRAX for Fracture Risk and Choosing Treatments for Osteopenia

Reader’s Question:** I am 56 years old and was recently diagnosed with osteopenia of my hip with a T score of -1.7. My spine was normal. My doctor recommended treatment with medication. Should I start this?** In the past, the answer to this questions ...

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Generic Osteoporosis Medication: Fosamax

Reader’s Question: I have been told that Fosamax is coming out in generic form. I have been taking a brand name osteoporosis drug (in the same drug class) for numerous years with good results. Should I switch? The first thing one must understand is w...

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Calcium Supplements

Reader’s Question:** I am often confused about which calcium to take. There are so many of them out there. Which one is best? Does it matter if I buy the cheap generic one? How much should I take? I get side effects, what should I do?** Dr. Gonter’s ...

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The Problem with the Bone Density Test: DXA Scans, Bone Density and Fracture Risk

Currently the best available evaluation of one’s bone density is performed with a DXA scan. This is a radiological study that uses minimal radiation in evaluating the hip and the spine. This machine will give you the quantity of bone; however it does ...

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Reclast (Zoledronic Acid) vs. Fosamax, Boniva and Actonel

There is exciting news in the field of osteoporosis. A new medication was FDA approved last month. Is this medication right for you? A novel approach for the treatment of osteoporosis has just been approved by the FDA. It is called Reclast (ledronic ...

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Fosamax, Forteo - How Do You Decide Which Treatment Works After Breast Cancer?

Reader Question: My mom is 75 and is recovering from a fractured wrist and arm. She has been taking Fosamax for about three months. Is there any other treatment? I was wondering if she could take Forteo because she had radiation for breast cancer. It ...

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DEXA and Bone Density Tests vs. Bone Density Scans

What is a Bone Density Test? How does the doctor choose where to scan you (wrist, ankle, hip)? What is the difference between this and a bone scan? What is a Bone Density Test? A bone density test is an examination by either special x-rays or ultraso...

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Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva: Why Might a Patient Be Prescribed One Oral Bisphosphonate Over Another?

As you may be aware, there are currently 3 FDA approved therapies for osteoporosis. I will try to give you the important differences in the drugs in order to allow you to make an educated decision on therapy. Long-Term Experience: The first drug appr...