Nicole Van Hoey, PharmD

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Nicole Van Hoey is a freelance writer and editor for consumer and professional health publications. She underwent open heart surgery in August 2016 and writes about the experience, including cardiac rehab, for HealthCentral. She can be found on Twitter @VHMedComm and writing about family life after heart surgery at

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Safer Sex After Open Heart Surgery

When is the “right time” for intimacy after open heart surgery?

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Risk Factors

Metabolic Syndrome: An Emerging Vital Heart Health Sign

A third of Americans have this cluster of symptoms that doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease. Are you one of them?

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Foodie Gifts for Heart Patients

Check out these creative kitchen gift ideas that can help make food enjoyable again for someone you know that has had a cardiac event.

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Risk Factors

Treating Hypertension in Kids

High blood pressure is a slow and silent disease—and sometimes develops in a population you might not expect.

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Should I Start a Blood Pressure Log?

Keeping a blood pressure log is easy with free apps, and it helps your doctor get your medicines just right.

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What is an ARNI?

Latest approved heart drug, called an ARNI, lowers blood pressure and prevents hospitalization and death from heart failure.

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Hidden Risks of Diabetes: What Is Silent Heart Disease?

Without regular checkups, silent heart attacks in people with diabetes can remain undetected and cause more damage.

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Treatment Advances for Patients With Heart Failure

Learn more about advances in treatment for congestive heart failure (CHF), which include various medicines, implantable devices, and new wearable technology.

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After a Heart Attack: Transitioning to Survivorship

As people survive heart attacks at younger ages, learning to live as a heart survivor becomes more relevant to patients and caregivers.

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3 Common Workout Mistakes

Calling all athletes—or anyone exercising deliberately for heart goals: Are you making these 3 common mistakes in your spring training?