Nicole Van Hoey, PharmD

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Nicole Van Hoey is a freelance writer and editor for consumer and professional health publications. She underwent open heart surgery in August 2016 and writes about the experience, including cardiac rehab, for HealthCentral. She can be found on Twitter @VHMedComm and writing about family life after heart surgery at

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Safer Sex After Open Heart Surgery

When is the “right time” for intimacy after open heart surgery?

Brain scan ischemic stroke.
Risk Factors

Can You Spot a Heart Emergency?

A Cleveland Clinic survey finds remarkable gaps in basic knowledge about heart attacks and strokes between different generations.

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Metabolic Syndrome: An Emerging Vital Heart Health Sign

A third of Americans have this cluster of symptoms that doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease. Are you one of them?

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Living With

Should Heart Patients Try Detox Diets?

Detox or cleanse diets may not be the safest way to lose weight with heart disease. Learn how you can take a safer approach to weight loss.

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Foodie Gifts for Heart Patients

Check out these creative kitchen gift ideas that can help make food enjoyable again for someone you know that has had a cardiac event.

Senior woman giving gift to caregiver.

Caregiver Gifts: Creative Ways to Show Appreciation

If you ask any caregiver what they want, they're likely to say "more time in the day," or "a clone machine." If you're looking for more tangible (read: Possible) options, though, consider these thoughtful treats that say, you're cared about, too.

Doctor checking blood pressure of young girl holding teddy bear.
Risk Factors

Treating Hypertension in Kids

High blood pressure is a slow and silent disease—and sometimes develops in a population you might not expect.

IV drip and pole in hospital.

Seeing Loved Ones After Open Heart Surgery

You spent a lot of time preparing for your loved one’s open heart surgery. Did you also prepare for what the first post-op days would be like?

Electronic health record system.

Why Do I Need an Electronic Health Record?

Using technology to sort medical history and communicate with your providers is easier than ever with electronic health records.

Blood pressure log and pen.
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Should I Start a Blood Pressure Log?

Keeping a blood pressure log is easy with free apps, and it helps your doctor get your medicines just right.