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Senior Managing Producer
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Nikki Cagle is the Senior Managing Producer for HealthCentral and serves as editor for Thyroid Health, Fitness & Exercise, Food & Nutrition, and more. She is the lead contact for all HealthCentral contributors and is often referred to as the "mom" of HealthCentral. She is passionate about bringing the patient voice to HealthCentral to be the guiding friend other patients are seeking. Mixing business with pleasure, Nikki lives with and writes about her own chronic condition (hypothyroidism), as well as her passion for health and fitness on her personal blog and Instagram.

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Pensive woman unsure if she's experiencing complications with her thyroid.
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Is It My Thyroid — Or Is Everyone Else Cold in Here, Too?

Everyone gets tired sometimes. Everyone’s body has temperature changes. And certainly, everyone can be moody on occasion. So how do you know when your fatigue, temperature fluctuation, and mood swings are a sign that your thyroid levels are off or rather a sign that you're just… human?