Nikki Cagle

Social Media Director and Managing Editor

Along with managing the flagship Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter pages for HealthCentral, Nikki oversees the six condition-specific Facebook pages and works closely with a team of social ambassadors to bring the most relatable and trusted content to those living with chronic conditions and people who love them. Nikki also oversees all contributor, medical review, and patient advocate relations, contracts, and boards. Prior to joining the team in 2014, she worked as social media manager, writer, editor, and host of a talk show for the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the largest nonprofit for fundraising in the U.S. She’s done interviews with philanthropists such as Wayne Gretzky, Carolyn Miles of Save the Children, and internationally recognized philanthropist and author Jerry Panas.

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Pensive woman unsure if she's experiencing complications with her thyroid.
Living With

Is It My Thyroid — Or Is Everyone Else Cold in Here, Too?

Everyone gets tired sometimes. Everyone’s body has temperature changes. And certainly, everyone can be moody on occasion. So how do you know when your fatigue, temperature fluctuation, and mood swings are a sign that your thyroid levels are off or rather a sign that you're just… human?