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Six Questions to Ask Before a DXA Scan

Here are six questions to ask your doctor before you undergo a DXA scan or bone density scan to measure bone loss.

Implanted Drug Delivery System for Forteo!

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Case Western Reserve University and Harvard developed a remote programmable microchip that can be implanted to dispense teriparatide (Forteo ®) for patients at high risk for fracture. The sci...

Member Interview: On Transient Migratory Osteoporosis

We will be interviewing one of our members from England on Transient Migratory Osteoporosis. This is a little-known disorder that is similar to osteoporosis in some ways, but at the same time very different. Most of us have never heard of this, even ...

How Often Should You Have a DXA Scan: New DXA Scan Recommendations

DXA scans are instrumental in helping to treat osteoporosis, prevent disease, and maintain good bone health.

New Osteoporosis Drug Launched in Japan

For our readers in Japan good news has arrived over the approval of teriparatide, known in the U.S. as Forteo ®, for the treatment of high-risk patients with osteoporosis. The drug is being marketed as TeriboneTM and is available as a 56.5 µg subcuta...

Interview with Dr. Jennifer Schneider on Spontaneous Femur Fractures from Osteoporosis Meds

We want to welcome Dr. Jennifer Schneider to HealthCentrals’ OsteoporosisConnection site where we’ll be interviewing her about her experiences with Fosamax ® and atypical femur fractures (AFF’s). I’ve been following Dr. Schneider’s career and story a...

Osteoporosis and Alzheimer's: Is There a Link?

In a study, a link was established between these osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

New Tool to Measure Bone Density

Another tool used for bone density measurement is a type of scanner using ultra-sound technology, commonly referred to as the quantitative ultra-sound.

Children,Teens and Young Adults Get Osteoporosis Too!

When most of us think about bone loss we envision an older woman bent over, but young people can get osteoporosis.

Fosamax Side Effects and History

Fosamax is one of the bisphosphonates used to treat osteoporosis. Here’s a list of the risks and benefits derived from long-term data.